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NY Columnist to Cruz: Using mobster term is racist, not going to fly here “teddy boy”

I’ve been listening to Sen. Ted Cruz of late, and the personal attacks against Donald Trump he told a few states he visited that he wasn’t doing, well he’s doing them.

No doubt his supporters will welcome that but when you place yourself above the dirt and then one day you decide you want to get down in that same dirt to fight, you best know how to give the right combinations, or you will come out the loser.

This columnist for the NY Daily News just took Cruz’s personal attack against Trump, personally. He accused the Trump campaign of being Mobsters, a couple of days ago and she didn’t like it at all.

From Washington Times:

New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi is upset that Sen. Ted Cruz refers to Donald Trump’s campaign team as “mobsters,” and claimed this week that the pejorative is a racist dog-whistle.

“[A]s an Italian-American, I really, really, really resent that comment because the truth is, every time somebody is bad, they’re immediately mobsters, they’re immediately Italian,” she said this week on MSNBC in an interview that went largely unnoticed until Thursday.

“I have had — that’s a very racist thing to say and that ain’t going to fly here in New York, Teddy Boy,” she added in reference to the senator. “That ain’t going to fly where there’s a lot of them, there’s a lot of Italian-Americans.”

Cruz has criticized Trump’s campaign recently for “dirty tricks,” and even likened the billionaire businessman’s team, which he said includes longtime political operative Roger Stone, to “mobsters.”

Watch the exchange here:

So what do you think? Was Stasi right to be angry? Share your opinions below in our comment section.

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