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NY Jogger Found Dead By Father and Police; Killer At Large

What a tragedy. I can’t even imagine how Karina Vetrano’s father felt when the police confirmed his worst fear.

Such a beautiful young lady. No parent should ever have to bury their child, especially due to a cowardly violent act such as this. This could have happened to any female in any vulnerable moment doing a daily familiar routine act. My prayers to her family.

I’ve seen a lot of responses at various places blaming her for running alone. Can you imagine that? I hope they find the person responsible and KILL HIM, no questions asked!

From Washington Post:

Karina Vetrano frequently went running with her father, Phil, who is a retired firefighter.

Vetrano went for a run Tuesday, New York media outlets reported. But her dad, who was reportedly dealing with some back pain, didn’t join his 30-year-old daughter that day.

She didn’t come back from the run, though. And Phil Vetrano grew worried.

“Her father began to call her several times on the phone,” New York City Police Department’s chief of detectives, Robert Boyce, told reporters. “She did not answer.”

Boyce told reporters that Vetrano’s father called a police chief who lives nearby. That person called emergency responders. A search began — an effort in which Vetrano’s father took part.

After several hours, her body was discovered.

“Her father then went into the woods and then found the body with our detectives,” Boyce said.

Authorities in New York are attempting to piece together what might have happened to Vetrano. Her body was discovered in marshland Tuesday night, CBS News reports.

“She was a sweetheart,” a neighbor, Joseph Dipierro, told WABC. “She lit up the room when she walked in. She was a beautiful girl.”

We cannot control the individuals who commit these horrible crimes so where yes, I understand we should be telling these criminals to stop their behavior; we cannot trust that they will. So then, unfortunately, we must take safety precautions such as jogging with a friend. It’s not blaming the victim; it’s just the harsh reality of this world. My condolences to her family and loved ones.

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