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NY Liberals On Orlando Attack: Islam Didn’t Play A Role, 100% On The Republicans [VIDEO]

There's no way that this nation should be run by people who think like this. I'm surprised that we've and let… Click to Tweet
I know it’s early on Friday morning, can the week is winding down, but This is got to be one of the stupidest group of people I’ve ever seen taking a video survey on what happened at the Orlando gay nightclub this past weekend. Most of us know that liberals aren’t working with a full deck when it comes to common sense, but when you discount facts and make up your reality, then something is wrong with you internally.

There’s no way that this nation should be run by people who think like this. I’m surprised that we’ve and let them vote. It seems like they don’t have the capacity to critical think and come up with a solution that will benefit all or solve a problem.

If you were here with me right now as I am writing this up, you would see that I am very angry. It doesn’t take that much to use your brain as American to see that these attacks are motivated by a certain belief that America must be wiped out and replaced.

The video in this post will anger you also if you are a common sense thinking American who loves their country and knows what is going on. We should not be afraid to say that radical Islamic terrorist have it out for America’s values. The people in this video need serious help and intervention as they couldn’t defend a fly if it came down to saving their life.

Watch this video here:

What are your thoughts about these people in this video? Do you agree with them or do you think that they should be put on an island to fend for themselves? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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