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NY News Anchor to Cruz: “You are not, at this point, going to win New York” – WATCH THIS!

When I saw this video I had to hurry up and deliver this to you so that you could experience exactly what I just saw. Sen. Ted Cruz was taking questions from a local fox affiliate in New York when the topic of New York values came up once again.

The conversation was touchy and very tense. I stepped back to watch this video a couple of times and I felt Cruz sort of embarrassed the anchor by asking her who she vote for in the way of Mayor Bill DeBlasio, which resulted in her responding the way she did.

Sotto: I have to say as a New Yorker, I’m still offended .. I think if you think long and hard about it (interrupted)

Cruz: Let me ask you, are you a Democrat?

Sotto: I’m an independent….

Cruz: Did you vote for Bill De Blasio?

Sotto: Uh, uh

Kelly: She doesn’t, but she can’t comment.

Sotto: You’ve gotten so much flack about New York values in New York. You are not, at this point, going to win New York. Do you wish you could take back what you said about New York values?

Cruz: Not remotely because the values of liberal Democratic politicians , the people of New York are suffering under them.

Watch it happen here:

The latest poll has Donald Trump winning 54% to Ted Cruz’s 21%. Do you think the anger was out of line for responding to Cruz trying to label her a Democrat voter? Share your opinions below in the comment section.


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