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NY Republican calls to remove Donald Trump’s name from nursing facility; Guess who it as actually named for?

This is just shameful! Is the hate in the Republican establishment that bad it calls to make a mistake like this?

Eric Ulrich was elected to the New York City Council in 2009, to serve as the representative for District 32, and he’s probably done that to some degree but what he did Tuesday morning was irreprehensible!

On his facebook page, Ulrich send this letter to the Bruce Flanz, President and CEO of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, asking him to remove Trump’s name from the building because of comments he made in response to John McCain slamming Americans who supported the fight against illegal immigration.

“By removing Donald Trump’s name from the nursing and rehabilitation building, you will be taking an important step that I believe maintains the integrity of the hospital and its standing in the community at-large,” stated Ulrich in the letter below that originated from his district office.

There’s just one major problem with council member’s protest – It was actually named for his mother Mary Trump, an incredibly gracious woman and one of NYC’ greatest philanthropists.

Check out the letter here:

11731677_785209038367_4524070277132399449_oHow much hate can a political have to get something like this wrong?  Facebook comments were not kind to Council member Ulrich:

  •  Anna Winarski Can we work on more relevant issues in the community?? Like the absolute lack of direct Rockway Park subways coupled with a tremendous increase in commuter ridership?
  •  Nanci Roden How about lowering Our Flag at all institutions for Our Military that were murdered? How about fighting to allow them to be armed so they can protect themselves? How about fighting so that NO Veteran is homeless or goes without food?
  •  Jon-Paul Rasinya Although I agree that Mr. McCain is a war hero, I do not agree with what you are doing here. This almost borders ridiculous. First of all, it is named for the Trump family matriarch and not the current Donald Trump you are putting on trial here. Secondly, Mr. Trump is allowed to have any view he wishes. His views and speech are protected by the constitution. Not only do we have much bigger issues to worry about in our community, but with all that is currently going on with our military and our veterans this is the fight you choose? I am sorry but this is disappointing.
  •  Jim Vaccaro Don’t get drawn into the circus the the Leftist media is only too happy to conduct…. There are serious problems that your valuable time could be spent on….. You are too good a man to play their game….
  •  Ron Castorina Jr Will they give him all the money back that he graciously donated over the years too??? Doubt that. Sounds pretty hypocritical to keep the money and remove the name. Additionally, he apologized for the comment in an interview with Bill O’Reilly last night. Doesn’t contrition mean anything?
  •  Kristine Memoli Foolish
  •  Robert J. Mestrandrea Instead of spending time in the Crossbay Diner concocting asinine ideas to win votes of the neighborhood Liberals lets put some of that energy into improving the policing and quality of life in Ozone Park and Howard Beach! The day laborers can’t vote for you! They aren’t Americans!
  •  Anthony Mosco Why? Cause he might actually solve problems in this country instead of pretending nothing is wrong? If we gonna boycott Trump why not boycott Ariana grande too for say she hates America

Someone needs to get the GOP’s head out of their butts and tell their candidates to start focusing on the issues and let things play themselves out. This council member really embarrassed himself here and someone needs to pull him back and talk to him to get rid of this request.

H/T – Ulrich Facebook


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