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NY Times endorses Clinton and uhhhh…..Kasich?

Governor John Kasich just got a shot of adrenaline in his arm with this endorsement. Most Republicans do not care about the New York Times because of their slanted liberal views. They continue to pound on conservative values and make our representatives out to be evil human beings who hate America.

So a lot of people on our side won’t see this as being significant but Kasich will now tout this everywhere he goes and guess what, it’s going to be huge for him in New Hampshire.

Media should stop endorsing political candidates. Let the people decide on their own from the news they gather by various means. The days of NYT, WashPo, and WashJour are over.

From Politico:

Meanwhile, the Times called Kasich the “only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race.”

Kasich quickly responded on social media, tweeting that he was “proud to have the support” of The New York Times.

Most of the Republican candidates received sharp criticism from the Times: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are “equally objectionable”; Ben Carson is unable to “grasp the world”; and Marco Rubio has “forgotten” his New American Century slogan while embracing “the alarmist views of the front-runners.”

While praised for his ability to compromise and his views on immigration, Kasich is an underdog, the board noted, cautioning that the governor is “no moderate,” citing his past views on unions, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

Hillary Clinton will take the nomination even with a pending indictment on the horizon, Kasich, on the other hand, won’t get past the mouth-breather primary base. The Clintons would probably want to face Ted Cruz in the general election because Donald Trump could cause a lot more problems.

Either way, this is a win for Kasich but we know better.

What do you think of this endorsement by the NY Times for the Governor? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

h/t – Politico, NY Times

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