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NY TIMES projects: Cruz needs whopping 87% of remaining delegates for nomination!

So Sen. Ted Cruz needs nine out ten delegates? This is where having such a winning personality comes in handy for Cruz. People tend to vote for candidates they generally, you know…like. And if Ted’s shown the ability to do one thing, it’s make friends all across the board. The mark of a Unifier [sarcasm].

Why both sides of the Senate aisle are just clambering over themselves to endorse him. There’s Mike Lee and, uh…well, that’s about it. But hey, he’s not running for prom queen.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.45.45 AM

From NY Times:

Donald J. Trump’s series of victories on Tuesday extended his delegate lead and forced Senator Marco Rubio of Florida out of the presidential race. Mr. Trump’s path to winning enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination is not assured, but he is in a strong position.

Here are some ways the Republican nominating contest could unfold. Try adjusting the sliders to see how the outcomes change. Each line in the chart represents one possible outcome. See Democratic scenarios »

If Mr. Trump maintains his current level of support in the remaining races, he would almost certainly secure the nomination.

For a more intense breakdown, visit NY Times

Here’s a graph from the Times:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.32.36 AM

Actually, these numbers in the two graphics are off to a degree but you get the picture. Cruz is just about out of it.

Trump is on the phone making deals to put this thing away. Cruz will never have more leverage than he has right now, but does he have the political instincts to cut a deal with Trump? Unlikely.

Time for even Hannity to acknowledge the math and hop on the Trump train.

By the way, why Trump? Trump is just providing a window into what’s behind the curtain, case closed.

Should Cruz get out of the race with no chance of winning the nomination? His pathway to winning is almost non-existent. Share your analysis and ways Cruz can win this thing below in our comment section.

h/t – NY Times


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