NY Times uses satire website information to promote gun control piece

The New York Times has been awash with gun control editorials in recent weeks. They even ran a rare Page 1 editorial following the San Bernardino terror attack in California.

However, it looks like one of their recent editorial pieces got a little too ahead of itself. They cited a link to the National Report as an example of a state taking the initiative to ban .45 caliber ammunition. The link was an article about California banning the popular handgun caliber. The link occurred in this paragraph:


There’s just one problem, according to a handy little website called RealOrSatire.com, NationalReport.net is a FAKE NEWS website: Yep, the venerable NY Times cited a fake news article (an old and

Yep, the venerable NY Times cited a fake news article (an old and debunked one at that). The error is still present on the Times website, but if they remove it you can view a cached version here: webcitation.org.

Gun owners often cite anti-gun advocates’ lack of knowledge on firearms and firearms law as a major reason that it’s hard to have a discussion on the subject.

h/t – NY Times, RealOrSatire, Snoopes. Webcitation

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