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NY’s Most Powerful Legislator May Be “Perp Walking” Thursday Morning

The New York Times is reporting that people with knowledge of the matter are saying that Sheldon Silver, the powerful speaker of the New York State Assembly, will be arrested on corruption charges on Thursday.

If true, this is sure to send shockwaves throughout New York politics.  Not since the fall of “Boss” Tweed has a political bombshell of this magnitude been dropped on the Empire State.

Details are still sketchy, but it is believed that the charges will stem from “payments that Mr. Silver received from a small law firm that specializes in seeking reductions of New York City real estate taxes.”

Silver is a fixture in NY political circles, having been one of the “Three Men In the Room” that determine the political landscape of New York, along with whoever has been Governor and Senate Leader over parts of the past three decades.  I am not exaggerating when I say that Sheldon Silver has been a power broker in New York since becoming Assembly Speaker for a generation.

Stay tuned, friends.  It’s about to get all kinds of crazy in the “People’s Republic” of New York!


About Gene Berardelli

Gene Berardelli is a noted Republican election law attorney, a civil litigator, a blogger and host of Behind Enemy Lines, a internet radio show that features urban Republicans broadcasting from "The People's Republic of New York City" detailing the "fight from within the belly of the Liberal beast" on We Are America Radio Wednesday nights at 10 PM.

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