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Obama Administration considering release of ANOTHER terrorist held at Guantanamo Bay

When it was first reported that the Obama administration traded 5 terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who allegedly went AWOL, many people raised concerns about what types of trades or future releases would occur, and more importantly, under what circumstances. Fox News is now reporting that the administration is considering releasing another prisoner from Guantanamo Bay.

Fouzi Khalid Abdullah al-Awda appeared via a video feed before a review board Wednesday morning in northern Virginia, often smiling as his private counsel Eric Lewis made the case for his release.

Al-Awda has been held prisoner for 12 years. According to Defense Department officials and his official Guantanamo detainee profile, he traveled from his home in Kuwait to Afghanistan just before the 9/11 attacks to train in terrorist camps, and “possibly” fight alongside the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Read the entire article here.

Remember, Obama campaigned on closing down Guantanamo Bay. Do you think this is another avenue to that end? Comment with your thoughts below.

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