Obama: America’s Embarrassment

As Michelle Obama famously said back when her husband Barack Obama captured the Democratic nomination for president, that for the first time in her adult lifetime, she was really proud of her country. Well folks, I was embarrassed for my country when the perv Bill Clinton got caught lying under oath after his despicable encounters with a girl half his age, but it pales in comparison to how I feel today. With his absence from the march in Paris for the solidarity of the people of France and dare I say the world against Islamic terror, this just might be the straw that breaks the camels back. From even BEFORE he took the oath of office, Barack Obama has been an embarrassment to this great country. From the childish “office of the President Elect” that he created out of thin air to his first major speech in Egypt, that not only stretched historical facts, and in other instances lied outright as to what the Muslims have invented. But it foreshadowed a presidency of an apologetic coward that is ashamed of the country HE is supposed to lead.

In the first year of his presidency, he weighed in on a local police matter without having all, if any pertinent facts on the matter. It would be the first time in a long list of instances that the President of the United states threw a local police department under the bus. He claimed that the local police in Cambridge, Massachusetts acted stupidly even though he admitted he didn’t know all the facts. Fact of the matter is, his friend Louis Gates, who happens to be black, was trying to break into his own house and the police were responding to a 911 call of “someone trying to break into a home.” The police would have investigated a person OF ANY COLOR trying to break into a window of an expensive mansion. When Gates ludicrously thought it was ONLY because he was black and then refused to show identification showing he did in fact own the house, the police arrested him. It was a cut and dry instance of suspicious activity leading to an arrest but the Race-Baiter in Chief saw this as an opportunity. It was a perfect chance to play the race-card and get some sympathy points from the liberal left that is wrought with white guilt as well as the black community. And why would he do this? He did this for the simple reason that his disapproval had just raised above 40% for the first time in his presidency. This was a shameful attack on a local police matter and it was an embarrassment for the office of the presidency. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last time Obama injected himself into a police matter when race was an issue.

He arrogantly imposed himself in the Trayvon Martin case by saying that if he “had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” And what did Trayvon do to warrant the President of the United States virtually adopting him? I couldn’t say. What I would like to say is, why didn’t the Commander in Chief of all the United States Armed Forces ever adopt another young black man that served his country? How come Barack Obama NEVER said that if he had a son, he’d look like Jaron Holliday. Jaron was also a young black man who died at the age of 21 fighting for his country in battle as a US Army Corporal. He was a devout Christian who was an excellent student as well as an accomplished classical pianist. Did the president honor Corporal Holliday’s memory by saying if he had a son he’d look like Jaron? No. He reserves that honor for someone who was killed while committing an assault on a neighborhood watch volunteer. That choice, to adopt Trayvon and ignore stellar young men like Jaron, is disgraceful and embarrassing to the presidency.

But Obama couldn’t stop there. He also had to interject himself into the Mike Brown case. Another black youth, this time gunned down while assaulting a police officer. As with the previous cases I mentioned, he once again threw the police under the bus. Him AND his despicable Attorney General who slandered the name of Emmit Till by comparing a thug like Brown to Emmet. Till was a REAL victim of racism who was murdered at the age of 15 in 1955 just for flirting with a white girl in Mississippi. Don’t get me wrong. Mike Brown shouldn’t have died that day and God rest his soul. But it was conscious acts on Brown’s part that day that caused his death. And what was the response of the president of the free world? He sent 3 times as many representatives from his administration to Mike Brown’s funeral than he did to the former prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. This not only embarrasses us as U.S. citizens with our sister country of Great Britain but it also belittles and embarrasses THEM. But of course, when Obama took his first state visit to the UK and gave the queen of England an ipod with all his bloviating speeches on it, THAT TOO was embarrassing. But lets get back to THIS administration and it’s disrespect for the fallen. Not only did the Obama administration send more representatives to the Mike Brown funeral than the United States staunch ally in the 1980s in the fight against communism, but when the terror army of ISIS, who was born out of Obama’s bug-out of Iraq, behead the American journalist James Foley, how many reps do you think he sent to Jame’s memorial? ZERO. Just disgraceful. Not only that, this snub came after his deplorable announcement of the Foley decapitation. After the president announced the death of James Foley on national television, he rushed to the golf course to play a round with former NBA players and could be seen laughing it up at the same time the parents of James Foley were grieving on television talking to the press about their courageous son. I don’t know ANYONE who wasn’t truly aghast at the callous disconnect Barack Obama had that day.

And as with James Foley, who was killed by a bi-product of the president’s own purely political decision to leave a vacuum between Iraq and Syria, the two NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu, were also in a small way, victims of Obama’s serial blaming of supposed racist police anytime a black person is killed in an altercation with the police. After the Eric Garner verdict, the race-baiting of the president, his attorney general AND the president’s race-bate Czar Al Sharpton, as well as the liberal loon Mayor of New York, Bill Deblasio, created a perfect storm for a psychopath to kill two of New York’s finest. And what was the response of the president after the men in blue lost their lives all because the politicians in this country like to gin up racial hatred for their personal & political profit? We still don’t know. The President of the United States that was in such a hurry to sprint in front of the cameras to interject HIS uneducated and worthless opinion in the Gate’s, Trayvon, Brown and Garner incidents was missing in action just as he was in Paris over the last weekend. He couldn’t even take himself away from the ritzy 1 percenter golf course in Honolulu to feign grief over the Ramos and Liu executions. This is not only embarrassing to me as an American but it’s an embarrassment to the NYPD and the rest of the police throughout the country.

Obama being a no-show, or for THAT matter NOT HAVING EVEN ONE representative of the United States government at the Paris march is shameful enough, but it was his tacit support for retribution against those who make fun of Islam which is incomprehensible. With his disgraceful speech at the United Nations, in front of the whole world, he gave cover for radical Islamist terrorists who kill journalists. Not only the journalists from the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France last weekend but in terror plots or perpetrated attacks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as a recent firebombing over a German paper that ran the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Barack Obama, the President of the United States at the floor of the United Nations actually said “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This was a truly inappropriate statement and was not only an affront to all who lost loved ones on 9-11 to Islamic terrorism that killed in the NAME of the prophet of Islam, but to all those who have died worldwide, from London and Madrid, to Bali and Benghazi. This UN speech was one of the most embarrassing moments for an American president.

My friend Jack Passmore had a good answer to Obama’s UN comment. He said….
“The future does not belong to a simpering milksop who defames & divides his countrymen to garner power with a victimization narrative.”

And not only did Barack Obama defame and divide Americans with his race-baiting. He also did the same in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. In Egypt, he shamefully supported AND ARMED with tanks, fighter jets and weapons, the Muslim Brotherhood that was, in it’s beginnings, allied with the Nazis in WWII. The Muslim Brotherhood was also banned from Egypt BEFORE Obama allowed them to take control after Mubarak fell, and are once again BANNED as they were forcibly removed after a public uprising against their radical Islamic rule. His support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Nazi collaborators, the assassins of peacemaker, former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and current outlawed terrorist group is a shameful point in American foreign policy history.

On the domestic front, the President has refused to apologize for ALL of the scandals that have plagued this lawless administration. He lied about the corruption in the IRS and never apologized for HIS citizens being attacked by HIS IRS just because of their political beliefs. He never apologized to the families of border enforcement agents Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry for putting the weapons in the hands of the killers who gunned those 2 brave young men down as they were trying to protect OUR borders. He NEVER apologized to the Mexican people NOR did he apologize to the president of Mexico putting those same guns in the hands of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel that has cause HUNDREDS of Mexican citizens to lose their lives. Nor did he apologize to the American tax payer for using THEIR money to kickback campaign donations given to him from his 1 percenter donors at Solyndra, LightSquared, Ener1 and Fisker just to name a few. He has never apologized to Chris Steven’s family, Ty Wood’s family, Sean Smith’s family or to Glen Doherty’s family for going to sleep the night of the attack in Benghazi AFTER he was told his ambassador was missing. That deplorable action left them all to die without the ONLY MAN IN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT who can order a military rescue mission to cross international borders.

One of the most shameful aspects of the Obama presidency is his treatment of the military. From his refusing to authorize the full amount of troops needed for the Afghanistan surge to his treatment of our Veterans. Just last week, President Obama drove RIGHT PAST the VA hospital that was one of the first to be exposed for it’s secret waiting lists that caused the deaths of at least 40 United States Armed Forces Veterans. Couldn’t Barack Obama take JUST A FEW MINUTES to stop in and talk to some of HIS wounded warriors? I guess when you have an important pressing presidential emergency, otherwise known as “Tee Time”, the men who signed their lives over to the country YOU are commander in chief of, just aren’t THAT important. And without shame, Obama has the nerve to say “We Leave Nobody Behind”, when he not only left a real war hero who actually DID serve his country with honor and distinction, Andrew Tahmooressi, to rot in a Mexican jail even though he KNEW that this brave Marine suffered from PTSD. The President of the United States spoke SEVERAL times to the President of Mexico and NEVER mentioned Andrew. As Mexico is dependent on us for it’s mere existence, Obama could have demanded Andrew be released and I guarantee you that he would have been freed that same day. But he didn’t care. And we have another decorated Marine that has been wrongfully incarcerated, this time in Iran. A local boy from Flagstaff, Arizona, Amir Hekmati was in Operation Iraqi freedom and has ALSO served OUR country with honor and distinction. He was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2005 with SIX awards and decorations. As the Obama administration is trying to cut a deal, ANY nuclear deal with Iran just to say they accomplished something, they have YET to demand that Amir be released. With billion dollar sanctions choking Iran, don’t you think that if this administration demanded Amir back as a good will gesture towards loosening the stranglehold on their international economic freedom, they would jump at the chance? But President Obama just doesn’t care about our military. If you look at his political maturation period, you can FINALLY understand Obama’s antipathy towards our Armed Forces. His political birth in Chicago back in the 1990’s was under the tutelage of his friend and admitted domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn were part of a domestic terror group in the 1970’s called the “Weather Underground”. Ayers and Dorn launched Obama’s political career in their living room in 1994 . Ayers and his group had bombed the Pentagon, threw Molotov cocktails at Army and Navy recruiting booths in Brooklyn and had planned a bombing of Fort Dix. Now you know why Obama hates the military with a passion BUT it still doesn’t EXCUSE the fact that he hasn’t apologized to the Tahmooressi family, the Hekmati family or the families of the Veterans that died because of the secret waiting list that ONE indicted VA director admits was a directive FROM Washington DC.

Every U.S. citizen deserves an apology from the president but the military and its veterans deserve THAT and more for his shameful and embarrassing stance against the men and women that protect our country.

Mr. President. You went on a worldwide apology tour in your first term apologizing for what YOU perceived as the United States wrongs it has done to the world as if you were ashamed to be American. The fact that you omitted the AMAZING things the United States, the greatest nation in the history of the world has brought to mankind just proves your disdain for American Exceptionalism. You didn’t espouse the work of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush that crushed the oppressive communist Soviet Union and explain that it was THEIR actions that freed hundreds of millions of people throughout Europe to learn democracy and freedom for the first time in their lives. You didn’t glorify the American medical community that has been at the forefront for OVER a century of creating medicines and medical devices that saves and improves people lives all over the globe. You didn’t even have the CLASS to thank your predecessor George W. Bush and his work for Africans to help them fight Malaria and AIDS that has, according to activist Bono, saved over 5 million lives in that continent. There have been SO MANY INCREDIBLE American inventions and innovations and you do nothing but play up to every tin pot dictator’s grievance at what happened decades earlier that in most cases are overblown manufactured myths just to degrade the lone superpower in the world. The fact that you feed this foreign hatred of the U.S. just shows not only are you NOT fit to lead this country anymore, but for you are NOT ONLY and embarrassment to every man woman and child in this country but I am ashamed that you represent ME to the world.

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