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Obama Campaign Hits Below Belt: ‘Impossible to Know’ If Romney’s A Criminal

From Breitbart

President Obama’s campaign website simply won’t stop with the accusations of criminal activity by Mitt Romney. This morning, Grant Fuller posted a long post about Romney’s “tax havens.” Once again, Fuller quoted the Obama-coordinated Vanity Fair hit piece on Romney’s foreign accounts. No mention of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s. And then Fuller goes for the jugular:

Is any of this actually illegal?

It appears not, but it’s impossible to know for sure because Romney refuses to release enough information to let people make their own judgments.

The implication is certainly slanderous. Last time I checked, the IRS decides whether someone has violated tax law, not the general public. If the IRS has not prosecuted Romney, there is a presumption of innocence – particularly in the absence of any countervening evidence. But Obama needs no evidence. He just needs innuendo.

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