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Obama Condemns Israel For Beating An Islamist, But Not Mexico For Beating A US Marine

Sometimes you have to wonder where this administration’s loyalties lie.

It’s being reported that a cousin (Tariq Abu Khder) of the Palestinian teenager (Mohammed Khder) who was killed in Israel this week was beaten by Israeli police while being arrested for rioting. There have been massive riots in Israel by Palestinians who say Mohammed was killed in retaliation for the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped & murdered by Hamas this week. Israeli police said they “found a sling on Tariq, who had attacked police and resisted arrest, while others were throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, wounding six police.” Tariq is said to be an American citizen.

The Obama administration immediately condemned the Israeli police, before even knowing the whole story. The Jerusalem Post reports that “The footage was “edited and biased,” and that it “did not represent the scope of events.”

What’s the problem with condemning the alleged beating? The administration has been silent on the beating of U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi by Mexican police. Tahmooressi has been held in Mexican prisons for three months, and along with his being beaten by Mexican police, has endured death threats by Mexican gang members. Andrew’s mother even started a petition on the White House site which reached the 100,000 signatures requisite for the administration to issue a statement. It’s been over a month since the petition reached the goal, and still, there has been silence from Obama’s White House.

Why is President Obama’s administration condemning the apparent beating of a Palestinian American who was attacking Israeli police, when they won’t condemn Mexican police for doing the same to a U.S. Marine who served two combat tours in Afghanistan, and who has PTSD since his Humvee was hit by an IED? All Sgt. Tahmooressi did was accidentally cross the Mexican border. He didn’t attack a single person. It really makes one wonder, whose side is this administration really on? Apparently, it’s not on the side of a U.S. Marine being held in Mexico.

A liberty fund has been created by the Tahmooressi family to offset legal expenses, resources, and support Andrew will require to recover from the PTSD compounded by the brutality of incarceration in Mexico. Andrew is likely to walk out of Mexico broken in various ways, including financially.
You can help Andrew by going to

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