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Obama Doesn’t Apologize for Misleading Felon Remarks; Romney Hits back Hard at Behavior

“I think the question is fair, did he misrepresent himself to the SEC when he signed documents saying he was chairman of the board, president and CEO, sole owner, and sole shareholder during that period or did he misrepresent himself to the American people when he said he left Bain during that period?” LaBolt said. “I think that’s absolutely a fair question to raise and he can clear it up by releasing the normal amount of tax returns for a nominee of a major party,” Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt said on MSNBC this morning.

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“It’s ridiculous and of course beneath the dignity of the presidency and of his campaign. He really needs to rein in his team and to finally take responsibility for what they’re saying. This is really absurd,” Mitt Romney said about the Obama campaign accusing him of committing a felony and refusing to apologize.

“I think this is showing a pattern. You just had bad news on the economic front with now 41 straight months with unemployment above 8%. And what does the president do? He says he is going to raise taxes on people, he’s trying to gut welfare reform as we know it, and he launches attacks of this nature. It’s beneath the dignity of his office,” Romney said in an interview with FOX News that aired on Friday’s broadcast of “Special Report.”

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