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Obama down 19 points to Voters Who Say Federal Government Did a Good Job Responding to Hurricane Sandy since November

Today, only 36% say the (Federal) government did a good job responding to Hurricane Sandy. That number was 55% in November. None of this is a surprise to us. To even force your lips to say that the government was doing their job in the first place was outrageous! These voters were pulled into the emotional “we have to re-elect Obama” train mostly because the Northeast usually goes Democrat anyway. So many people lied to themselves about the condition of America and they will pay the price for it.


Voters are much more critical now of the federal government’s response to the East Coast’s Hurricane Sandy but are generally satisfied with the amount of federal money going to the victims of the storm. Now, though, a plurality thinks state governments should bear most of the cleanup costs from a bad weather event.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 36% of Likely U.S. Voters now rate the way the federal government has responded to the areas affected by Sandy as good or excellent. That’s down 19 points from 55% in mid-November just after the storm.

Twenty-three percent (23%) now consider the government’s response to Sandy as poor, up from 15% two months ago

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