Obama draws another line in the sand, this time to Ukraine Officials; Anyone think they are afraid?

I’m sure Vladimir Putin is quaking in his KGB boots.

Here is President Obama today condemning the actions of the Ukrainian Government in cracking down on Ukrainian Protesters who want more freedom and want to be free from Russian control. The Ukrainian Government is allied with and backed by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Obama said the Ukrainian Government and Military must not “step over the line” in dealing with “peaceful protesters” – but he would never say what the consequences would be for doing so.

Barack Obama has shown five years of weakness as President. The bottom line is that the world’s bad actors – like Vladimir Putin, and the Iranians – know he is weak. They don’t fear him. That’s why they are seizing upon his second term to assert themselves. They believe he will do nothing to stop them. This is the impact of five years of apologizing for the United States, and projecting weakness at every turn. We can expect to see a lot more of this in the days ahead.

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