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Obama DROPS 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebels?

Let’s hope the Ammunitions we dropped are not going to fall in the hands of the ISIS.

Instead of dropping ammo and supplies to these terrorists, we should be dropping bombs and attacking them. Washington has no clue and has had no clue for several years involving Syria.

Now the Russians arrive and in two weeks, more damage has been done to the terrorist forces than in the last few years combined. And the Russian force is minuscule compared to what Washington and the “mighty coalition” have at their disposal.

Makes me think that Washington has no interest in defeating the terrorists in Syria or anywhere else.

As it has been recently reported in the press, the Toyota pickups that the US State Department and Britain gave to the so-called Free Syrian Army had found their way to the ISIS.

How this happened, nobody knows!

I have no objection for arming all those who are fighting the ISIS provided the scenario I mentioned is not going to be repeated.Thanks to the Saudis, the Qataris, and the rich people of Arab Gulf States the ISIS terrorists have plenty of money to buy and bribe anybody to get the arms they need.

We used to be a great country beloved by the whole world, what have turned ourselves into now? We are hated all the world now. This always should be kept in mind.

h/t – Infowars

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