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Obama Fatigue: A Musical Version

So we are staring down a nuclear deal with Iran. putting “daylight” between ourselves and our allies in the Middle East and the President has proposed a domestic budget full of unicorns and rainbows that is not remotely based in fiscal realities. We still have 22, yes count ’em, 22 months until OBooBoo and his disastrous domestic and foreign policy can be put in the rear view mirror. What is a good Conservative to do? Every once in a while, you just have to laugh. My #BloodyMarys&Broadsheets co-host jason Dombrowski and I have been lucky enough to meet some very creative folks that can make you do just that.

Fellow Twitter politicos @2CynicAl65 and @ODunavan penned this parody just for us to remind us of all the reasons we must #KeepTheFaith going into 2016 and figure out how to undo the damage of the last six years to individual liberty and our federal system. Enjoy!


About Stacey Lennox

Stacey holds a MILR from Cornell University and has held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies managing employment strategy and workforce development. A lifelong Libertarian, she joined the Conservative movement leading up to 2008 elections. Ms. Lennox is a contributor to IJReview for for topics related to Georgia and host two podcasts a week on WAARadio.

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