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Obama Finally Meets Putin After Bad Mouthing Him Everywhere; Watch This Exchange!

Barack Obama is Mr. BadAss talking about Vladimir Putin in Germany and other countries, but when he stands in front of him, he shuts up like a puppy dog.

Both world leaders were together in Peru where their “frosty exchange” occurred. I bet you dollars to donuts Putin can’t wait until he can have country relations with President-Elect Donald Trump.

From Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin were photographed in a brief exchange in Peru amid frosty dealings over Syria and support for Donald Trump.

They spoke briefly on Sunday as an economic summit got under way in Peru, in their first known conversation since Donald Trump was elected the next U.S. president.

The two leaders stood off to the side together momentarily with aides close by before shaking hands and taking their seats at a round table for the start of the opening session of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Lima.

The White House said the conversation lasted four minutes.

Watch the exchange here:

This picture said it all. Obama deserved the cold treatment especially after he’s talked smack against Putin for years. He’s wasting taxpayer’s money right now with this last world tour, which nobody knows why he is really doing it, and I won’t be surprised if Michelle Obama takes a vacation before he gets out of office to waste our money, they need to freeze their money spending, and get out of the White House.

I think it was redundant for Obama to ask the leaders in Peru to ‘give his successor a chance.’ Unless he had a change of heart since his statement made during his visit to Germany, his veiled statements made during his final road trip show a lack of dignity and respect for the role of POTUS. Even though broadcasted globally, keep snarky comments to within the USA. It’s like airing your personal ‘dirty laundry’ to everyone. Makes you look like a fool.

Putin probably had to wash his hands after that. His body language speaks louder than words. None of the leaders wanted anything to do with him.

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