Obama Honors Illegal Immigrants At SOTU While He Does What?

Meet Catie Quinn, news director at KSRM radio group on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Catie is a hardworking, popular, and talented journalist who takes her job seriously. Her employer is well satisfied with her work, and her peers have nothing but good things to say about her. Unfortunately, Catie is about to lose her job.

No, KSRM isn’t cutting staff, nor is there any other work related issue. The problem is that Catie is an Australian who came to the U.S. on a student visa and later found employment on an E-3 work visa that is specific to Australians. Now that the visa is due to expire, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service refuses to renew it and has ordered her to leave the country by January 27th. Their reason? The job she has does not require a college degree.

Tonight while President Obama makes his State of the Union Address, in the audience will be a number of illegal immigrants who benefit from the President’s executive amnesty program; one of those, Ana Zamora, will be there as the President’s guest and will be seated with the First Lady.

Illegal immigrants are coming into the country by the tens of thousands and are being welcomed with open arms by the Obama administration. These are people who we have no real way of knowing who they are, where they come from, or why they’re here. No one is keeping track of where they go, and no one is making an effort to either stop the flow or to send them back. Others come here on student visas and simple fail to leave when that visa expires, yet no one makes an effort to find and deport them.

Catie Quinn made the mistake of following the rules. She submitted the proper paperwork when she entered the country, jumped through the necessary hoops to get her visa renewed, and for some reason the Obama administration has chosen her to be their token deportee.

People have advised her she could stay if she married an American, but Catie refuses to cheat the system.

“The funniest thing in all this is (that) the advice I’ve gotten, including at the (immigration) field office, is ‘get married,’ ” Quinn said in a phone interview with the Alaska Dispatch News. “They suggest that’s pretty much the only way I can get a permanent visa. Everyone’s answer is, ‘Go get yourself a handy Alaska man.’

“If I eventually want to marry someone I will, but I’m not going to cheat the system,” she said.

It would be great if all of our immigrants felt the same way about cheating the system; in fact, it would be awesome if our President had as much integrity. Catie Quinn is the perfect example of the kind of immigrants we want in this country, yet our government turns her away while celebrating those who come here intent on cheating the system and breaking the law.

Catie is making one last-ditch effort to stay by filing for a national interest waiver, and many of Alaska’s politicians, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, have written letters of support. If this effort fails however, Catie intends to return to Australia and begin the process again.

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