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Obama Insider Says Trump Wiretap Was Ordered Because of “Due Diligence”

After watching this, I truly believe Obama gave the go-ahead to wiretap then-GOP candidate Donald Trump.

There are times when you know, and then they are other times when you know, and I am past both of them. Barack Obama chose to have tissue paper feelings throughout his two terms as President. He went after those that didn’t agree with him and made life sick for others.

Cathy Areu, the Former HHS Department Senior Advisor, broke open an explosive claim on Watter’s World last night that centered around Obama and the White House knew about the wiretapping of Trump, and it was pushed because of “due diligence.”

Obama premise of agreeing to initiate the wiretap was due to the Russia/Putin/Trump allegations. Instead of using “probably cause,” they went with due diligence which is a lower form of justification and could very well be a major crime.

Watch this below:

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