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Obama is Acting More Like a Celebrity Than a President.

Every time I turn on the lame stream media, I see yet another day in the life of Barack Obama… Which golf course is he on today, where will he be on vacation this week and what did Michelle eat today. Sounds like the life of a celebrity, right?

Well, what I wanted to address briefly is this. Americans have to wrap their heads around the fact that our President is not of the mindset nor does he have the intention to be a pro-American president.

In fact, I call him The #Amerwreckin President, because he is wrecking America at every turn.

When you look at the spectrum of the world we live in you can see that he does not care that Andrew Tahmooressi is still in jail in Mexico, our veterans are dying everyday or that hard-working Americans have to do more with less to barely make ends meet. Meanwhile, Israel is under attack, the Middle-East is under sedge by ISIL, two American journalists have been beheaded and the Southern Border is anything but secure.

So, what does our President do this Labor Day weekend?



Fundraisers, a wedding and some golf. Really?

Now Obama is going on his European trip, not even acknowledging the decrees of violence from ISIL. This isn’t a newly revamped edition of Life Styles of The Rich and Famous with Robin Leach. We, the American people are suffering while he jet sets on the taxpayers’ and future generations’ dime.

Division and chaos is a Cloward-Piven strategy that is being used everyday to trigger the decline of America. It is time for the American people to take back what is ours. Our liberty, freedom and our White House. It is time to take personal responsibility. It is long over due and the time has come to stop the bickering and the fighting with one another and start finding better candidates.

If you have the passion inside of you to be the change needed, then start talking to other Americans and make better solutions to our problems in America. It all starts at home. We all deserve a better America and so do our children. We the American people have had enough of the division.

The President does not take actions needed to protect and defend the people of America. Time to unite and make a difference. We must demand actions be taken to protect America and stand against the war being brought to our own soil. Obama has taken an oath to defend us from all enemies foreign and domestic. We are under attack, whether or not the President wants to take action or not, on all fronts.

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