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Obama is giving away food stamps, cash, medicaid at the border to Cuban immigrants

If you are a red, white and blue-blooded American, this is going to anger you. Cuban immigrants are getting one of the best welcome care packages ever, and it’s not right!

Doesn’t it seem we export jobs while importing poverty, welfare recipients, drugs and all their undesirables? Our entire country is slowly turning into an  It’s just a matter of time before we can no longer recognize where our border with Mexico is. They do not come here to assimilate. They come here to recreate their country here in America.

Most of the people that come from the south of the border and Cuba don’t bother to learn to speak the language, and I think I take the floor on behalf of the majority of Americans, every nationality that comes here should learn to speak the language.


The problem is it’s the law. Yes, the law needs to be changed. At the same time, the law needs to enforce for everyone, no matter where you come from, no preferences. Enforce the law on everyone equally.

From the Washington Examiner:

Thousands of Cubans rushing the U.S. border in record numbers are being greeted with a Welcome Wagon operation the provides them with taxpayer-funded benefits including cash, a Social Security card, food stamps, and Medicaid, according to a review of the latest immigration crisis on the border.

During a field trip to the Laredo, Texas crossing point, two experts from the Center for Immigration Studies documented how Cubans are provided with the services free of charge in a storefront operation set up by a Cuban immigrant, who even provides housing and schedules transportation to Miami.

“The door is wide open. Come and get your free stuff,” is how Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, sized it up.

There you go, they come across the border and immediately are eligible for all kinds of federal benefits for which they have paid NOTHING into our system. You can bet that a majority of them will continue to suckle off the teats of the American taxpayer…just because they are Cuban.

This makes me sick at my stomach and makes me want Donald Trump even more. He may be the only hope we have to keep illegals out of OUR country.

Are you outraged by this? Have you called your congressman? Share opinions (below) and let us know how you feel about this and steps you would take to fix it. Don’t forget to share this on your Twitter/Facebook timeline.

h/t – Washington Examiner

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