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Obama Just Gave A Huge Gift to ISIS!

The Obama administration has officially handed Iraq over to ISIS, after telling the Iraqi government that they are on their own when it comes to fighting against ISIS, and creating a secure Iraq in a message delivered by White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest. While President Obama has said that we would continue to supply Iraqi forces with weapons and equipment, and continue to provide his severely limited airstrikes, but there are no plans to provide ground troops.


Well this strategy seems to have worked wonders thus far. After the American withdrawal from Iraq, the release of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and other ISIS leaders from Camp Bucca, the formation of ISIS, and the handing over of Iraq to ISIS by the Iraqi forces we trained, I fail to see how this is solely an Iraqi problem. Clearly we chose poorly when it came to who we trained in Iraq. Tens of thousands of Iraqi forces turned tail and ran when faced with some 500 ISIS fighters, leaving behind their equipment, and open vaults at their banks, where ISIS made off with a half billion dollars… how convenient. When al-Baghdadi was released from Camp Bucca, he told his captors that he would see them in New York. He should have been taken out, right there on the spot. He should not have been allowed to stroll about, recruiting and training ISIS fighters for four years.

ISIS is a global issue, and is therefore a global problem. For President Obama to try and absolve himself of a problem he created by withdrawing U.S. troops against the advice of military leaders creating a power vacuum in Iraq, coupled with the release of al-Baghdadi, is unconscionable. By failing to call the Islamic State “Islamic,” by failing to address recruiting by ISIS in America, and by failing to have a strategy for fighting this JV team whose members only want jobs, he is handing Iraq over to ISIS. He is responsible for all those who die as a result of his lack of strategy. While it’s nothing new to this administration, the blood is on their hands.

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