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Obama just told the world our nuclear secrets; divulges A-Bomb material inventory

The media gave us Barack Hussein Obama and conned the American public hook, line, and sinker. What the hell do we Americans get out of this feckless man giving away our secrets? Who does it benefit? I tell you this man is a guy who doesn’t like the US and should be escorted to the Justice Department or anywhere this weekend to receive a bright orange suit along with a lengthy sentence.

I am not saying that because I don’t like Obama, I am saying that as a concerned citizen who served his country. Giving our nuclear secrets to the world has to be a form of treason right? Someone talked to me!


From USAToday:

The United States released a public inventory of its supplies of highly enriched uranium, the material that can be used to make nuclear weapons, President Obama said Friday as he opened the second day of the biennial Nuclear Security Summit.

“That inventory is one that we have reduced considerably,” Obama said. “When it comes to our nuclear-powered ships and submarines, we are exploring ways to further reduce our holdings of highly enriched uranium.”

Thank you media…… You have made Americans who have loved their country enough to participate in voting in elections and believing in the freedom of the people to choose their leaders, and being proud of their country to understand now it just may all be a big lie. And ironically you (the media) are the biggest liars of them all and are directly responsible.

This came from Mark Knoller’s Twitter account earlier today:

So having our soldiers captured and having memorials built of our men crying, having rockets shot at our navy ships and ballistic missile tests, is what Obama calls “working as planned.”

No wonder he thinks he’s done well. He doesn’t even understand what failure is anymore. He’s in his deluded world. It is indeed a very scary thing to have our country represented by Obama at meetings like these. Worst president ever.

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h/t – USAToday

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