Obama ‘Madder Than Hell’ over VA scandal

It has been said that Obama was ‘madder than hell’ over the growing VA scandal, according to an aide. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said in an interview that Obama is “demanding that we get to the bottom of the exact allegations that you’re talking about as it relates to whether veterans are getting the timely access to care that they have earned.”

However, is Obama truly mad over this? After all, he tends to say one thing when his actions show the opposite. Remember the time he intentionally closed the World War II memorial to veterans, just to politicize the so called ‘GOP shutdown’? I do, and so does the rest of America. Obama can claim veterans deserve their benefits all they want, but we’ll always remember his actions and how they don’t reflect his words.

Plus, this isn’t the first time Obama said he would get to the bottom of something he found absurd. He said we would get to the bottom of Benghazi, yet we still have nobody being prosecuted nearly 2 years later, and we know this is nothing but a cover up by the administration. It was an election year, and when we knew within 24 hours that the youtube video had nothing to do with the attack, they kept insisting that it was for weeks afterwards.

Let us also not forget about Obama claiming we’ll get to the bottom of the Fort Hood shooting. He clearly doesn’t want to get to the bottom of that either, because he won’t even admit the very simple fact that it was a terrorist act, but keeps insisting it was just ‘workplace violence’.

If Obama really did have outrage over this VA scandal, the very least he should do is demand the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to resign. I find it near impossible that the head of the entire VA had no idea this was going on. The bottom line is he is in charge and he really messed up.

Obama can once again say he’s outrage over something, but his words are so old and repetitious, that they don’t mean anything. It is his actions that are doing the real talking, and it should disturb all of us.

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