Obama Mysteriously Approves Arctic Off-Shore Drilling Plan, Environmentalists Upset

Strangely, President Obama has granted energy company Shell to begin offshore drilling off the coast of Alaska. Of course, his administration has stated it comes with “rigorous safety standards”, but this move is still very puzzling, considering Obama is still leading a war on coal and energy.

There are a couple of questions that can be asked in response to this.

1) Why did Obama approve of this, yet not approve of the Keystone XL Pipeline built here in America?

2) Could this be another political move, just to make Obama look like he is all of a sudden pro-coal and pro-energy?

I believe that this was just another political statement, to attempt to reduce the appearance of his war on coal and energy. After all, Obama has believed in a man-made climate change scam all this time and always sides with the environmentalists. So why would be suddenly upset his green advocates this time? His supporters are not happy with the move, once again believing it is detrimental to the environment.

Plus, don’t just take it from me. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of workers in the coal and energy industries know Obama is no friend of theirs. It is no coincidence that over 125,000 emails and letters has been sent to him, demanding he end his war on coal.

Almost every action from this president is never genuine, but a political tactic. The bottom line is Obama hates natural resources like coal and oil, and still sides with the environmentalists’ belief that drilling and other anthropogenic means are destroying the planet.

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