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Obama poses as boxer to assure supporters that he will fight Congress

In an email to supporters of the unprecedented progressive non-profit group, Organizing for Action, Constitutional scholar President Obama makes it clear that Congress will not get in the way of “making real change for the American people.” Praising the Obama advocacy group using a curiously-worded phrase, he says their efforts have “redefined how power is built.”

The email, sent on Wednesday, urges members to support issues like “raising the minimum wage,” “fixing our broken immigration system,” “gun violence prevention,” “marriage equality,” “women’s rights,” and “climate change.” The message links to a bizarre photo of Obama in a boxing pose, with a place for supporters to fill out their email address.

The boxing pose, while sad and almost pathetic, is a clear signal that the President is not exactly seeking to compromise with anyone over his agenda, which does not address the concerns of the American people, who consistently cite the economy as the most pressing issue facing the country.

As an aside, an analysis by Joseph Rossell at Newsbusters illustrates that the mainstream media is not so concerned with the economy, either. He concluded that while the “three broadcast networks acknowledged the elections were bad for Democrats, they mostly ignored the economy and its impact on the election.”

As an aside, President Obama’s “combative tone” adds irony to a tweet House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent on Thursday:

Nancy Pelosi Tweet

Obama adds,

The elected officials I’ll work with in the last two years of my presidency need to be reminded that people like you aren’t going away…With or without help from Congress, I’m not done making real change for the American people.

The text of the email can be seen here.


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