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Obama to Quash NSA? Yeah Right By: RockPrincess

Obama has no interest in reforming the NSA beyond saving face.

This is no surprise; Obama showed us he agreed with this abomination when he was first inaugurated. So, what exactly would make him change his stance? After all, it’s (supposedly) very important for central planning to keep tabs on the citizens. In fact, it’s mandatory…to keep them docile. Now, if only they could get our guns, we would be all set for Phase 2 of the Agenda.

Contrary to what Obama, Rep Peter King (R NY) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein(D CA) are telling the American Public, metadata is a weapon of government power. Metadata tells the government with whom you associate, when you associate with them, where you associate with those people, and the duration of each association.

The government should not have this information about you, because individuals in the government can use this data to harass, suppress, intimidate, and control its population. This goes against the core of who we are as Americans. Our Forefathers gave us rights greater than those of the government; let’s not give them away for false sense of “security.”

Of course, the “You have nothing to fear if you’ve nothing to hide,” claim only applies to them accessing data about us—not us about them. So, We the People must now consent to a sprawling police state without question? Will it take at least a generation before we collectively do an about-face?

No, it will only take another Republican President.

Once a Republican wins the presidency, the press will once again whip the masses into a frenzy at the first sign that such programs still exist—despite knowing well ahead of time, since Obama has not stopped these programs beforehand. Until then, everything is okay as long as a Democrat is doing it. Remember: Republicans and conservatives are the evil ones—the progressives would never do anything malicious with that kind of power.

imageThe American people may be politically apathetic, but we’re (generally) not stupid. We can only be pushed so far. No government—no matter how strong or corrupt—can stand against the will of a united and free people. I hope that the more the Obama government ignores the will of the people, the more information comes to light.

What do you think about this ever growing Police State in Our Country? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comment section below

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