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Obama responds to criticism his tears during speech

Selectively crying is one thing, defending it in front of supporters is another. You are looking for adoration and love from the people who already support you and would do anything for you and that’s what happened in this situation.

On Thursday night, CNN hosted a Guns in America town hall with Anderson Cooper as the host. Cooper sprung the ‘crocodile tear” label on President Obama he exhibited during his gun control press conference earlier in the week, and it was like Obama was on drama stage, and it was his cue.

[Act 3, Scene 2 – Obama reaches for support of the crowd by asking for more sympathy]

“I want to emphasize that there are a lot of tragedies that happen out there as a consequence to the victims of crime, you know, there are police officers who are out there laying down their lives to protect us every single day, you know, and tears are appropriate for them, as well. And I visit with those families, as well, victims of terrorism. Soldiers coming home. You know, there’s a lot of heartache out there and I don’t suggest that this is the only kind of heartache we should be working on. You know, I’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of hours, in fact, a lot more hours than I spend on this, trying to prevent terrorist attacks.”

Obama continues to perpetrate this narrative to the American people, that businesses are not abiding by the law with background checks.

And the whole goal here is to clarify, and to put on notice that, if you’re a business, even if you don’t have bricks and mortar, then you’re supposed to register and you’re supposed to conduct background checks.

Check this video:


It’s simple. If you are a business, and this is your practice, shut the business down. How many of you are in agreement with that solution? What I am watching is someone giving lip service to a problem won’t be solved by loosely crafted solution.

What are your thoughts?

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