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Obama says he will use Executive Power to bypass Congress for second straight day!!!

For the second day in a row, Barack Obama has made statements that he is essentially ready to take for himself lawmaking powers – ready to use Executive Orders to circumvent the will of the Congress.

Yesterday, Obama reportedly met with Senate Democrats and told them he was prepared to use Executive actions to accomplish his agenda if Congress gets in his way:


President Barack Obama has told Senate Democrats he plans to use his executive authority to act in 2014 when Congress stands in his way.

Obama met with senators from his own party Wednesday at the White House. The White House says Obama and Democrats discussed proposals to raise the minimum wage and efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul. Education initiatives and jobs measures were also on the agenda.

The White House says Obama wants to work with Congress to make progress, but will also act on his own to get things done. . . . Read More

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