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Obama sending 350 More Troops to Iraq to Provide Security

On the same day that ISIS released their second beheading video, President Obama announced that 350 more U.S. troops will be headed to Iraq to provide security.

Obama announced his approval of 350 more U.S. troops being deployed to Iraq hours after the video was released. This new deployment will bring the total number of U.S. troops back in Iraq to over 1000.

As the ISIS disease continues to spread through Iraq, the need for an increase in security is growing around facilities in Baghdad.

The Obama administration has claimed that these forces are being used for security and “advisers” to the Iraqi security forces.

Since U.S. airstrikes commenced last month, Iraqi forces have made gains against ISIS, most notably taking back the Mosul Dam. Today, several U.S. airstrikes eliminated at least 16 ISIS vehicles near the dam.

The 350 deployed troops will consist of a HQ element, medical personnel, helicopters, and an air liaison team.

One can only hope that we start seeing some gun cam footage from Apaches in the near future.

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