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Obama to visit Hiroshima! He won’t apologize publicly but you know he wants to

Well, he might not apologize out loud- but you know damn well he wants to apologize.

Finally, the President has found an event in America’s past for which he does not feel compelled to give an apology! The US owes an apology to Japan no more than it would owe an apology to the terrorists who struck on 911. The United States didn’t start that war and did not seek to join the war until forced to do so by a Japanese surprise attack on the American territory of Hawaii.

President Harry Truman reluctantly used the only means at his disposal to convince the Japanese aggressors to give up the fight and save both sides from the devastating military and civilian losses that a full-scale invasion of the Japanese home islands would have cost.

Truman even had American planes drop leaflets on Japanese cities to warn the population that they were about to drop the bombs. After the surrender, despite the discovery of condoned Japanese atrocities during the war, retribution against the vanquished was neither encouraged nor tolerated by the victors. War is always bad, and starting one can lead to very tragic results, especially if you encourage your forces to treat their enemies with utter brutality, and then you lose.

It was unfortunate that the government of Japan could not be convinced to surrender without further loss of life on either side. America made the effort, and even tried to bypass the government and directly warn the population that they must evacuate. It has no obligation to apologize to the aggressors for the actions that they had to take to stop them.

HE might apologize, but rest assured Japan he does not speak for the rest of us. We dropped it because it was necessary. You can thank being alive to Truman and the men who made the decision to drop it, because your parents and grandparents would have been perfectly fine sacrificing themselves, thus you, for the Emperor.

It seems he’s on everyone’s side except on the side of America. He wouldn’t even wear the American flag lapel pin, “didn’t want to embarrass anyone.” He visits his hero, the Shah but he won’t visit the wounded soldier. He travels millions of miles away from home because he doesn’t know how to solve America’s problems. He spends billions of America’s money on sight-seeing and personal goods, but won’t help feed the hungry children.

I’ll breathe heavily when I know he’s out of office and that he doesn’t have the chance to write a new “Constitution” or “Declaration of Independence.” Most will miss Eisenhower, Truman, Bush, but most will want to erase the memory of the worse president this country ever had.

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