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Obama Tries To Give President-Elect Trump Advice! Hope He’s Willing To “Stand Up” To Russia [VIDEO]

After eight years in office, Barack Obama is still inexperienced as a leader. By the way, why is Obama on this world tour? He spent so many days campaigning, and now, he’s on this tour. Doesn’t he have any business to do in the Whitehouse?

While speaking today, Obama addressed relations with Russia from his experience and sent unwarranted advice to President-Elect Donald Trump hoping the newly elected leader would be “willing to stand up to Russia where they are deviating from our values and international norms.”

Why do other countries have to stand up to our values and international norms? I’m sure they have values and international norms on their own and some may be better than ours, in fact, I remember when Russia was asking America and Obama,” who’s Godless now?” I guess that’s globalist control.

What the hell is wrong with being on good terms with Russia? I don’t see Russian terrorists causing havoc all over the world. We should work with Russia to defeat ISIS and otherwise stay the hell out of Russia’s business. No need to pick a fight with Russia at all.

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Obama tried to overpower Russia, and they crapped all over him! He entered into conflicts that he totally misread. Either he wasn’t listening to his Intel people, or you just thought “you know better.” My bet is on the latter!

Did you hear that? Stand up to Russia? This is bad comedy.

This administration pretty much ignored ISIS for eight years and now he wants to pretend he would stand up to Russia, this is one more slimy way to hit below the belt to try and attempt to convince someone, anyone, that he did a good job.

There’s only one answer for this; Obama is delusional and in denial. He thinks he was the only president of the United States and the American people couldn’t possibly live without him. His arrogance is overwhelming, and I’m sorry I even watched him speak. It looked like Merkel was over him also because of the way she tried to dash out of there. He had to stop her to shake hands.

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