ObamaCare is squashing jobs and business growth

As a small cafe owner and former Mayor of the village where it’s located, I have a lot of people come in and to talk to me about economic development, business opportunity, politics and just all the latest things happening not only in our area but in the nation.  Coffee shop owners are just like a bartender except we serve up caffeine instead of alcohol.

The government of the United States of America needs to create an avenue of prosperity for small businesses. Small businesses are the “Heartbeat of America”. According to the United States Small Business Administration, 52 percent of Americans are employed by companies with fewer than 500 people. The government needs to not be a hindrance for these businesses, but open up ways for them to prosper. Government should not be in the business-building business, and it should not have regulations, taxes, and laws preventing their development and growth either.

Obama care has done nothing but cause roadblocks and impede the progress of business expansion by creating uncertainty beyond the 50 employee mark which changes health care requirements for the business. An Ohio businessman recently spoke with me and shared some of his thoughts on wanting to expand his business. He employs a wide variety of people including many veterans, felons and people trying to get their lives back together. This gentleman is a Christian man and loves his country and wants to get people off of government reliance.

He shared with me, that he “dances around the 48 employee mark” due to the ObamaCare regulations. He wants to expand his business and has the capacity to but is not wanting to cross the threshold of uncertainty into the new health care system requirements and what it entails beyond the 50 employee mark. ObamaCare is squashing jobs for unemployed Americans and business growth.

He was investigating ways to open and work around the restrictions. He looked into starting the same business but under a different name or in his wife’s name but was not allowed because it would still be considered more than 50 employees due to being in the same household.

I was devastated to hear that this gentleman had the opportunity to expand but was scared of the uncertainty of ObamaCare. He wants to invest into another building, in another community and spend literally tens of thousands of dollars in construction upgrades to make it usable for his services. The end result would have been a minimum of 30 to 40 new jobs in another community, economic development opportunities, plus long-term great paying jobs. This is the real world, these are real people and real business owners wanting to make a difference while being stifled by our government regulations.

Is anyone listening out there?

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A political junkie and former small town Mayor. Self diagnosed ADD so I keep my stories short!

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