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Obama’s Forcing His Warped Sense of Sexual Values on High School Bathrooms or Else!

According to Reuters, The Obama administration will tell every U.S. public school district on Friday to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.

Obama's forcing all public schools to comply with his warped sense of sexual values and doesn't expect you to… Click to Tweet
This is a political stunt by Barack Obama to sabotage the two parties into social issues, a place where most of its candidates will fail, and he’s doing it in the public schools. Obama’s forcing all public schools to comply with his warped sense of sexual values and doesn’t expect you to say anything.

Liberals don’t mind forcing their weird beliefs and fetishes on you so to them this doesn’t mean anything except for destroying the morals of America.

Anyone who doesn’t think High School Kids are going to have a field day with this doesn’t know the creative minds of teenagers very well. There will be boys all across the country walking into the girls locker rooms to shower with the girls, and when asked what they think they’re doing will just respond with “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” while playing Shania Twain’s song on their iPhone.

Of course, it is issues like this that come up at election time to try and remove everyone’s attention from real problems going on. I know there are some kids who relate to the other gender.

I know there are some that were screwed up by their parents, and they are looking for attention. And others may just be a mental disorder. But for the federal government to push this as hard as they have with everything else a much higher priority, really makes you wonder.

It’s sickening to me that this administration can force their views on all who don’t agree. What mother would be agreeable to their daughter sharing a bathroom with a boy or worst yet a man?? Have they not considered the possibility of a crime occurring? I am totally over this administration – Glad that he is leaving office. I don’t feel that this country is any better than it was eight years ago – it’s gotten worse!

A lot of you Libtards are not seeing what is happening. This law will allow men to go into women dorms; it will allow men to shower with women. It will allow men to go to women’s toilets. This is NOT about Transgender at all. This has been turned into a monster to allow ALL men and not just Transgender’s to have close contact with women. When I was younger maybe as a JOKE, I would have along with this. The question is, do you women want this to happen and be allowed? This will include showers at public places, like public swimming pools, Ever been to a water park? Men will be allowed to shower with women and children (Little girls) Think about this ladies is this what you want? Because you have the power to stop it.

Obama’s motto eight years ago oh right “WE CAN CHANGE” This country has changed alright – to a weaker United States thanks to our President!

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