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OH WOW! Iowa Student calls Clinton “Monica” by mistake; gets kicked out of event

Oh to be a fly on the wall at that event.

Everybody makes mistakes, And as journalists sometimes when you are called on to ask prominent National figure a question, you have a lot rolling around in your head, that it is possible to make a mistake like this young lady did at a Hillary Clinton event.

I am almost positively sure this student did not intentionally call Clinton “Monica” on purpose, but you have to admit to seeing the faces in that room at the time she made a mistake had to be a Kodak moment.


From The Inquisitor:

Elise Goodvin, the student in question, apparently had been talking to a woman named Monica, an MSNBC correspondent, who was standing next to her. She hadn’t even known, it seems, that it was Hillary Clinton’s hand she was shaking.

Realizing her mistake, Goodvin tried to make amends with the Democratic front-runner by trying to explain to Clinton that she had been looking at and talking to the woman standing next to her, who was named Monica.

But her explanation, shortened by the awe of talking to Hillary Clinton herself, probably made things worse.

She said, “Oh I meant her [referring to the Monica standing nearby]… not Lewinsky.”

The mention of Monica Lewinsky, the woman whom Bill Clinton had cheated on her with, must have put the former Secretary of State Clinton on edge, because a few minutes later (in which Goodvin apparently tried to suppress her laughter), Hillary went up to her head of media for a few words and continued about her business.

It was the head of media who informed the student that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “would no longer be taking any questions from [her] and it would just be best if [she] left.”

Despite being kicked out of the event, Elise Goodvin remains in good humor about the brush-off she received from Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton.

Yeah this was a oopsie in a huge way. Guess Clinton wasn’t having it. What do you think? Do you think the young lady purposely called her Monica? If she did and Hillary showed she couldn’t take it, do you think Hillary just showed a weakness for future campaign rhetoric? 

Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think.

h/t – The Inquisitor, IJReview

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