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Ohio Main Street Rep Dave Joyce Goes Gutter

Dave Joyce, Congressman from Ohio’s 14th district has decided to respond to a primary challenge from Ohio Rep. Matt Lynch with recycled Democrat talking points the Ohio Republican Party slammed as “gutter politics” in 2012.matt lynch

In an email, Joyce accused Lynch of opposing “the largest tax cut in the country in 2013” because he voted against Governor Kasich’s budget. A budget that increased state spending and cut some taxes and raising others. Joyce attacked by dredging up Lynch’s tax issues.

“Northeast Ohioans deserve a representative that can at least manage his own budget before asking to oversee how their hard earned tax dollars are spent,” Joyce said.

The same criticism leveled by The Ohio Democratic Party against Lynch after his appointment to the Ohio House in 2012

Lynch fell behind on his taxes when caring for his first wife, who died of leukemia. This was old news politically speaking, but Joyce found it expedient to borrow ODP talking points to swing below the belt.

These are the tactics of the Republican Main Street Partnership, with which Joyce is a member. In fact, Joyce and Steve LaTourette are good friends. The Republican Main Street Partnership is the PAC that takes money from George Soros, Labor Unions, and left wing groups and vows to crush conservative candidates in primaries.

Dave Joyce is marketing himself as a conservative, but his scores at Freedom Works (55), and also from Heritage Action (50) would indicate otherwise.

As for Lynch, He has been endorsed by Ohio Right to Life and Freedom Works.


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