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Oil and Gas 101 by Kathryn Stuard


Can you imagine borrowing millions of dollars for a risky investment that has no guarantee of return? And doing that several times a year? That’s what the independent oil and gas producer does constantly. Daily. Hourly. All the while being vilified in the media and by politicians day in and day out.

This is our reality. I am one of millions that was born and raised in this industry. I live in Midland,Texas – also home of our 43rd President, and soon host to a visit from Sean Hannity. So I want to explain some facts to our readers and Mr.Hannity before he lands here.

Lately I hop in my car and I hear Mr. Hannity talk about my town. I honestly cringe when this happens. Not because of him personally but we just really hate the attention. We would prefer the world not know we exist. This latest boom has brought all kinds of people here. Our traffic is horrendous. Our streets are littered. Our schools are straining and our real estate market is nuts. I realize that this is great for our local economy. I also realize that there are many towns that would love to be booming. But the thing is, we in Midland and in this industry always end up being vilified, mocked, and attacked. And I am sick of it.

Like Lily Von Shtuup “I’m tired”. We are all tired out here. We invest and work hard to get energy out of the ground and then the main stream media and certain politicians turn on us. They use us, always coming and going, and going and coming. Then they burst our balloon!

Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, President Obama, Chris Matthews and even Bill O’Reilly point their fingers at “big oil” and call for higher taxes, and in the case of Maxine Waters, threaten to “take over” and nationalize our industry.

May I explain who “big oil” really is? It’s not Exxon or Chevron. It’s Saudi Aramco. It’s Russia’s state owned Gazprom. It’s Iranian National Oil and Brazil’s nationally owned Petrobras. According to Robert Hirsch an energy analyst interviewed in ‘spOILed The Movie’, the big American oil companies only control 7 percent of our country’s production. We, the independents are in charge of the rest.

Those big oil companies don’t get hit as hard in taxes as we the independents. They can pass on their extra burdens to the consumer. And then there’s good old G.E. Yes. General Electric is in the oil and gas business and last I checked paid no taxes. The independent cannot and frankly doesn’t want to benefit like “big oil”. We. Just. Want. To. Be. Left. Alone. And maybe even better understood. We are like all of you hard working Americans. We don’t want a handout. We just want to be treated fairly. Actually scratch that. We want to be left alone. Period.

So please, please Mr. Hannity. Listen to me. Explain to America who we are, how hard we work and how we are like most of the good people of this country. I suggest you interview two awesome men either while you are here or right before your visit. Mark Mathis, producer of ‘spOILed The Movie’ would be an education for all. And down to earth local icon Morris Burns. Mr. Burns is on the radio here weekly explaining our industry. But he preaches to the choir. Our country needs to hear for him.

Tomorrow facts and figures about our evil business from this mad mom. Til then I’m going to get some rest. I’m tired. ( and mad )

About Kathryn Stuard

Full time patriot. Mother of five. Wife of best man in the world. I like to play tennis and shoot guns. But not at the same time. Follow me on twitter @westxgal

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