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OK Conservatives it’s time to step up our Social Media game


We are closing in on Primary season and this will be the most influential period for New Media to date.

Many conservative candidates have rightly realized that we are the ones who will give them a fair platform and are reacting accordingly. They have increasingly granted interviews to New Media outlets, including this one.

This article is directed at candidates, handlers, campaign managers, campaign communications directors and anyone out there that has access to all of the above. It’s time for you folks to step up the game technically. You have to remember the opposition realizes how important YouTube, Google and the New Media are, especially to young voters. You need to talk to your folks and upgrade webcams to HD. Upgrade audio delivery via decent microphones and possibly pre amps etc. You must ensure that you have the internet service provider or ISP  with the absolute most bandwidth your campaign can afford. You must have a router that can handle the bandwidth and speed. Finally your computer needs to be up to the task. Our product is only as good as your equipment. The days of built-in laptop webcams and microphones are gone if we want to be taken seriously as a viable platform. Another thing to avoid is Digital Subscriber Line or DSL. This product was a good transition from dial up modems but it was surpassed early by fiber optics etc. Avoid wireless connections if possible and I know sometimes it’s not especially in hotels.


These upgrades can be relatively inexpensive and worth every dime concerning the final product and getting your voice out there. Some other aesthetic bonuses are think about your background, Sarah Palin has this down to a science, you’ve seen her awesome fireplace. You can go so far as using the Green Screen effect to get professional looking backgrounds pretty easily. If you run into any problems or have questions we have many people on our team that would be happy to assist. Let me know what you think in the comments section.


About Hutch BailieJr

Hutch Bailie Jr. is a conservative podcast host and opinion journalist specializing in national security issues. He is currently branching off into video analysis of the issues of the day. Hutch currently co-anchors Steel City Resistance on Sunday evenings and Cold War Radio Monday Wednesday and Friday. He is a periodic contributor and substitute anchor on the Wayne Dupree Show and panelist on the Wayne Dupree video series. His primary studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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