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O’Malley imposed all these taxes on Maryland and oh yeah, he taxed the rain

In the state of Maryland, Democrats outnumber Republicans something like 3 to 1. However, Martin O’Malley policies, taxes, etc… managed to get the current Republican (Larry Hogan) governor elected. Even the Democrats here know how horrible he is. Look at the condition in which he left Baltimore as mayor. Look at the businesses that have abandoned this state because of regulation and taxation as Governor. That’s just the start! A ghastly candidate if there ever was one.

Jason Russell over at the Washington Examiner posted this Iist:

  • Handgun licensing fees and other firearm registration fees
  • Electricity rate increase due to higher expense of power produced by offshore wind farm
  • Vehicle registration surcharge (Transportation package)
  • Maryland Transit Authority fare increase (Transportation package)
  • Indexing gas tax to increase with the consumer price index (Transportation package)
  • Applying wholesale tax to gasoline sales (Transportation package)
  • Income tax increase on Marylanders earning more than $100,000
  • Reduction of personal income exemption for Marylanders earning more than $100,000
  • Recordation tax applied to indemnity mortgages
  • Increase tobacco tax rate from 15 to 70 percent for certain products
  • Double death certificate fee
  • Repeal of the sales tax exemption on penalty charges assessed on the late return of gas cylinders
  • Double Bay Restoration fee (“Flush tax”)
  • Require counties to collect Storm Water Management Fee (“Rain tax”)
  • Increase Weights and Measures Registration fee
  • Double Lead Poisoning Prevention Fund Fee
  • New fee for major modifications under the Wetland Water Way Program
  • Hospital assessment
  • Alcoholic beverage sales tax increase from 6 to 9 percent
  • Vehicle dealer processing charge
  • Double vanity plate fee
  • Double vehicle certificate of title fee
  • Out of State Attorney Admission fee
  • Increase in contractor licensing and renewal fees
  • Double birth certificate fee
  • Eliminates exemption of premium tax on worker’s compensation
  • Bridge and tunnel toll increases
  • Fishing license and registration fees
  • Speed cameras in school and work zones
  • Increase the top marginal tax rate from 5.5 to 6.25 percent (“Millionaire’s tax”), since expired
  • Computer services tax
  • New income tax marginal rates from 4.75 to 5.5 percent
  • Increase sales tax from 5 to 6 percent
  • Increase state corporate income tax from 7 to 8.25 percent
  • Increase cigarette tax from $1 to $2 per pack
  • Increase vehicle titling tax from $23 to $25
  • Vehicle excise tax increase
  • Electronic gambling tip jar tax
  • Real property transfer tax
  • Elimination of Captive Real Estate Investment Trusts

Tired yet? He also passed legislation to give illegals drivers licenses and in-state college tuition. He’s all for an illegal revolution.

Quoted from his announcement speech today:

“Understanding precedes action, and we must understand that what happened to our economy…did not happen by chance. Powerful, wealthy, special interests here at home have used our government to create in our own country an economy that is leaving a majority of our people behind.”

Oh really? Then how does it explain the many taxes he imposed on middle-income families in Maryland that squeezed their pocket books, including the infamous “rain tax” among other things? When democrats start taxing the rain, is that their way of saying: I’m even too lazy to produce anything to tax, so I’m going to start taxing something that has been around for millions of years

It’s quite telling that a blue state like Maryland elected a Republican as their governor last November – that’s all you need to know about O’Malley’s abhorrent record.

This list can also be found on Yahoo News.



H/T- Yahoo News Comments, Jason Russell/Washington Examiner

Now do you see allowing this country under the leadership of Martin O’Malley will be a major disaster? Leave your comments below.

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