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Omarosa: Kanye West Was Very Concerned About What’s Happening In Chicago!

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I like how Omarosa Manigault was able to break down a different side of Kanye West that many don’t know or understand even though Megyn Kelly brought up the situation between West and Taylor Swift. Got to have that cheap shot in there, right?

He is a loose cannon but could be a powerful ally if needed. I know I don’t share Kelly’s videos on my website that much but I wanted to get Omarosa defining the meeting between President-elect Donald Trump and Kanye.

From Fox News:

Well, you know the president has mapped the President-Elect, has mapped out an Urban renewal program that really is aimed to improve the conditions for African- Americans in the community. There are a lot of the meetings are an extension of what we’ve already done and what he talked about in the campaign. He is going to fulfill all of those promises, most importantly, you mentioned Kanye West, and they mention it in the promo.

Kanye West was very concerned about what’s happening in Chicago. There’s no excuse for how many murders we’ve experienced since January in Chicago.  And how many people experience violence in the inner city of Chicago.  Kanye was very, very concerned and he wanted to reach out to the president to make sure we could do something. And make a change for those conditions, but you’ll continue to see Mr. Trump reaching out to people who traditionally, you know would not have an opportunity to sit down with the President-Elect and try to gear and focus and direct what he is going to do for the least of these.

Do you think Trump will tap Kanye for suggestions when he takes office in January? Leave your comments below.

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