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OMG! CNN Edits Milwaukee Shooting Victim’s Sister’s Call For Suburb Violence!

Journalistic integrity just hit a huge snag.

Once again deceptive CNN is about fooling the public and not reporting the truth. This fake news organization reported on the Milwaukee unrest and referenced Sherelle Smith, sister of the shooting victim, calling for peace but left out where she gave direction to burn the suburbs down instead.

CNN when will you understand that the more you try to manipulate the news to produce what you think Hillary wants us to hear, that is the amount of credibility that you lose. There is a saying, give a man an inch and he will take a mile. You folks are rapidly approaching your end point. For me, it can not come too soon. The world does not need liars like you in it.

CNN you no longer are a news source. Your liberal lies and bias are being exposed.

Here is the original video of the sister calling for violence in the suburbs:

And these are the people telling you Hillary Clinton is defeating Donald Trump?

CNN is the most politically bias news outlet and in the pocket of Hillary and the Democratic party. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Notice that this last police shooting in Milwaukee got microscopic coverage on CNN. Why, because it involved a black police officer if the police officer would have been white they would be covering it for days and promoting their race baiting agenda, it is so obvious.

This is not at all shocking to me. This is why when it comes to pressing matters like who to vote for, I don’t believe anything on the news. I do my research before I do something stupid like vote for Hilary just because the media sugarcoats her choices (or crimes as us regular people call them). Or just because she’s a woman (so they say). The media can splice up a Hitler speech and make it sound like Mother Teresa.

What are your thoughts about what CNN just did?

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