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OMG Joe Scarborough Goes Off On Obama paying only 18% when he’s worth 14M; Calls it demagoguery

On Morning Joe this morning–Tax Day– Joe Scarborough takes on Barack Obama’s tax-rate hypocrisy. For someone who calls for “fairness” and demagogues small business owners, he still pays a tax rate of 18 percent.

SCARBOROUGH: This guy, this guy talks about fairness? And he’s paying 18 percent? He wants to jack tax rates up to 39 percent, and if you live in Connecticut or New York or Illinois or California, you’re paying over 50 percent in taxes after you take the local, state, and federal. And Barack Obama, class warrior, is paying 18 percent in taxes…

NOTE: Joe was angry as all sin but then again trusting him is another thing. I like when Joe hits these high notes and sings to this tune but when he attempts to destroy other Republicans then I have issues.



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