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One Little Girl….One Very Large Task

While most little girls were making their Christmas lists and baking Christmas goodies, Brianna Wall was working to bring a little Christmas cheer to others. Brianna, a 10-year-old Newport News, Virginia resident, wanted to make cards for military members. Of course her mom, Anna Wall, was very supportive and proud of her daughter’s idea. She just did not know how ambitious Brianna was with her plans.

“500 cards at most. That was going to be a lot in my opinion!” said Anna.

Brianna, in fact, intended to do many more than that….a total of 2000! Anna was shocked but her support for her daughter never wavered. She helped Brianna as she set up her card design and they commenced to printing out 2000 cards for military members. Each night Brianna religiously folded, licked and stuffed all 2000 cards until she completed her task. The cards were delivered through the Red Cross’ Holiday Mail for Heroes Program.

When asked why she chose to do this, Brianna simply stated, “I wanted to give back because both my grandfathers served in the U.S. Army.”

In a time that it seems our world is upside down, this little ray of sunshine shows us that not all is chaotic, not all is bleak and acts of kindness can happen…..even without a Facebook challenge.



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