OOPS! Mainstream Media Lies About Republicans Not Attending #Selma50 Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the bloody massacre in Selma, Alabama is being remembered today, as leaders from BOTH parties are attending to show their support for civil rights. I put ‘both’ in upper case for a reason. The mainstream media and twitter users were lying about Republican members not attending it.

I’m pretty sure Senator Tim Scott and Kevin McCarthy would beg to differ.

It is sad and pathetic when the mainstream media and journalism in this country has become so politicized, that even an event like this shows cheap shots being taken towards conservative leaders.

One of my favorite conservative leaders, Ted Cruz, took to twitter to remember Selma.

This did not sit well with his opponents.


Apparently they think conservatives can’t support civil rights, or if they do, that it is some sort of oxymoron.

Even if more conservative leaders showed up at the Selma anniversary, they’re still painted as racists, as shown by our mainstream media every day.

Oh, and by the way, some members of the Democrat leadership, including Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer are not attending. However, they’re Democrats so the media gives them a pass.

Besides, remember when dozens of Democrats boycotted Netanyahu’s speech when he addressed Congress? There was no outrage there, so the double standard here is alarming. When Selma should be remembered as a fight for civil rights that goes beyond political lines, the mainstream media continues to make it all about politics and cheap shots.

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