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Oops! Trump “Build The Wall” plans force Obama to do quick press conference

Don’t you find it odd Barack Obama doesn’t give that many press conferences especially but this one had him leave his ESPN channel to address the Mexico “Build The Wall” plans GOP front-runner Donald Trump laid out today?

Here is Obama complaining about Trump’s plan:

Obama is protesting too much! The irony of it all is that if you get caught sneaking into Mexico, it’s a stiff prison sentence. The Mexicans have a fence they built on their southern border to keep the Guatemalans and other Central Americans out. On top of that, they supposedly torture some of the people they catch on their side. But they see its OK for them to invade us. Why? Follow the money.

By the way, cutting off wire transfers to Mexico WOULD solve the illegal immigration problem in about a month. American wealth is being siphoned off south of the border (and these are not trivial amounts either) and is helping Mexican economy instead of circulating here. For smaller countries like Salvador and Guatemala, remittances from the US actually make up a large percentage of their GDP.

The bottom line is that anybody that is here illegally has broken the law, and that’s it. Yes many of them are working and contributing to the system but they are illegal, and I am 100% sure if they leave, Americans will fill those roles as 94 million Americans are out of work and another 56 million are on food stamps.

Congress hasn’t done anything about a wall, and Trump has made it a cornerstone of his campaign. I guess Trump’s message to Obama’s press conference is simple:


Do you think Obama is afraid Trump is going to build the wall?

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