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OOPS! WI Election Commission to Jill Stein, You Can Have Recount, But Not By Hand!

What a huge blow to Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. She didn’t know the rules of the recount before she decided she wanted to pay for a recount. I would have thought that to be very important before mouthing off to the media press what you were going to do.

Stein has raised close to $7 million dollars to start recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Those were states she got WHOOPED, but she wanted to do it anyway.

Now the Wisconsin Election Commission says you can have your recount but it won’t be done by hand.

From Washington Examiner:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission on Monday rejected former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s request to have all of the state’s ballots recounted by hand, instead leaving it up to the state’s counties to determine how it will proceed.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the commission refused to mandate how the state’s 72 counties should count votes. Instead, the individual counties will decide whether to use a voting machine or go by hand.

It’s a blow for Stein, who claims there are irregularities with the machines Wisconsin uses to tabulate votes on each ballot. If she wants to force a recount by hand, she will have to get a court order, according to the report.

The commission set up a timeline for the recount: Cost estimates and vote tabulation method must be provided by county clerks on Monday; Stein and Rocky De La Fuente, an independent candidate who also asked for a recount, must pay for the recounts on Tuesday; a teleconference will take place on Wednesday to outline the process; and the rules and the recount will officially begin by Thursday.

Seems like to me Stein and her criminal crew thought they could run out the clock and stop Wisconsin from presenting their electoral votes when the Electoral College meets in December.

I guess that plan got shot to hell with this decision. What are your thoughts about that? Share your comments below.

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