Open Letter to Congress: With All These Obama Scandals, Don’t Forget Our Veterans!


The treatment of our veterans is at deplorable levels; this much is well documented and reported.  It has come to surface that there are “secret lists” that have willfully caused the deaths of many veterans while they wait in perpetuity for appropriate care.  Shall we even address the nearly 23 deaths per day by servicemembers own hand as they struggle with war related physical and mental health issues to no avail?  In the state of North Carolina, the suicide rates are the highest in the land for veterans yet no obvious strides are made to assist them.

Unbelievably, it was just in March 2009 that the Obama Administration proposed a major shift in Veteran healthcare by daring to suggest that they pay for their own service-related injuries following service.  This idea didn’t last long after the uproar it caused.  However, why should Veteran’s groups be constantly fighting for the medical care they deserve every time they turn around?  Rightly so, American Legion, VFW and other groups made their voices quickly heard and the administration walked the idea back.  But again, always something to fight.  Why would such an outrageous plan even be considered?


During the most recent years however, not only have veterans suffered immensely, so are current active duty.  This administration has a vehement hatred for all things patriotic and traditional.  What other conclusion can one come to?

For example, let’s take a short journey back to 2013.  In September there was a certain anniversary that every American remembers well.  We held a Biker Run on DC that was momentous in number, impact and inspiration.  It was called the 2 Million Bikers to DC, originally a response to the Muslim’s Million Man march on DC shockingly set for the same anniversary.  As the days approached, the event shifted toward a memorial, gratitude and support ride for all first responders, the victims, and our military.  However, the governmental agency that controls the street cameras (DOTs in VA, DC, and MD) for the world to watch, ran old footage of snow covered empty streets.  While the capitol police reported there were over 1.2 Million bikes in the nation’s capital that day, the lack of reporting from the fourth estate was more than obvious.  It was not only ignored, it was hidden from view.

saluteShortly following this event, the extremely selfish and childish act of “shutting down the government” (a complete misnomer) was conducted when Republicans refused to fund ObamaCare in the next fiscal year.   So, to retaliate because they weren’t getting their way, the admin was poised to “make it hurt.”  WWII veterans were shut out.  You remember it well.  The same veterans that BHO touts to care about this week responding to the hideous VA scandal, were recently symbolically spat upon by him just months ago.

BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS:  Americans reacted.  And I contend that they will continue to react when our good men and women are disgraced by this administration of usurpers and American haters.  Because while the proper pomp and circumstance is nice from the administration, as it is under their watch they serve, these men and women don’t do it for them.  They sacrificially serve us.  And we know it.


Your’s Truly,

Brooke McGowan
Team NewsNinja

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