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O’Reilly SHOCK Segment! Obama’s Emotional Attachment To Islam Is Hurting America!

Say what you want to about Fox News moderate host Bill O’Reilly, running a segment like this in primetime against Barack Obama takes guts. O’Reilly broke down Obama’s relationship with the Muslim religion and called his actions or lack of action against stopping radical Muslims around the globe.

It took courage for O’Reilly to state what millions of Americans can see with their own eyes. We have a President who seems more concerned with protecting the fantasy reputation of Islam than he is in protecting America. The obvious reason is, as O’Reilly stated it – Obama’s “deep emotional ties with Islam.”

In Obama’s first 17 years, he was brought up brought up a Muslim. He repeated daily a hatred for all non-Muslim’s. He was drilled on the Islamic belief of world domination. It’s a form of brain-washing, that’s filled with hatred for other people of other faiths. Leaving Islam is a death sentence. Ask any former Muslim. Obama’s foreign policies and actions speak louder than his words.

We all know it, but, no one will admit it! Obama’s devotion to Islam and Saul Alinsky’s Communism is the reason for the destruction of our country! He is Anti-American and Anti-Christian and it’s not un-American to say that! He has not said anything about the Christian Genocide and is letting the Atheists and Muslins take over our country!

So glad O’Reilly finally put the truth out there about Obama’s true feelings for Islam! I, for one, have always believed, and always will, that he is a Muslim! He will never speak of Islamic terrorism and denounce it as he should!

Thank you for your segment on President Obama and his ties to Islam thru his family. If you will recall when the President first ran for the office, the national news media totally failed to look at the Presidents associates and his background and I feel we are paying the price today due to the news media’s refusal.

I feel there is lot more to this story and for your guest commenting about the President being a devout Christian is a huge leap and I feel we need to once again look at the President’s background in an open fair and balanced way.

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